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I'm India.


Hailing from Manchester but now currently residing in the Lake District (you can thank my love of the outdoors and adventure for that), I started my career in TV over 10 years ago. Since then, I've worked in a number of genres from factual, entertainment, current affairs, observational documentary, and reality. Some might say I’m a jack of all trades, but those who have worked with me would say I am able to turn my hand to any story, situation, place, or person with ease.

I got into this industry because I am fascinated with human nature and love hearing the stories of other people and finding connections in unlikely places. When I was able to combine this with my love of creativity and a first class honours degree in journalism, I found myself where I am today...and I'm very lucky to say I love what I do.

I’d say I'm very much interested in jobs that push me to my limits and/or warm my heart. Used to “on location” gigs and always happy to spend long chunks away from home.

Experience & skills

Many of my more recent jobs have involved filming in remote, forgotten, and dangerous places all across the world, sometimes in non-English speaking countries. 

I'd like to think I am adept at transforming any story into the medium of television for a wide range of audiences and pride myself at learning this, quickly and with diligence. This has led me to taking on story producer and/or strict producer roles as well as picking up the camera.

In terms of technicals and kit, I have extensively used Sony fx9, fs7, fx3 and A7s cameras as well as canon c300 and xf605 cameras and cine prime lenses. I have also used DJI Ronin, Osmo and GoPro kits in many jobs.


I have over 10 years experience using a wide range of Adobe Creative Cloud programmes which has made me fairly skilled in the editing, graphic design and motion effects as well as using Avid and Blackbird in many edit producing gigs.

I have worked across many genres, budgets and varying team sizes, multi-cam and single cam in my career. I have purposely not chosen to stick to one genre for a multitude of reasons but mostly because like the majority of TV watchers, I like more than one! 

This means my skillset is vast and depending on the job in question, I will most likely have relevant experience. I've written scripts, edit produced, handled complex legal and compliance matters, worked with celebrities, politicians, police, doctors, massive corporations and average human beings like myself. I've helped to tell stories that make you laugh, cry, think and want to come back for more.

When it comes to work, I am a problem solver, calm under pressure, confident talking to anyone, creative on a budget, proactive and most of all - a team player. I, possibly strangely, thrive in a challenging environment.


I think it's important to note that my hobbies can sometimes contribute to what jobs I take on...I'm an avid outdoorswoman with a love for mountain climbing, hiking, biking and rock climbing. 


In 2023 I submitted my first Himalayan peak sitting at over 6,000m elevation - Lobuche East Peak. It involved trekking to Everest Base Camp and practicing climbing on the Khumbu Ice Fall and I spent a total of around 4 weeks at altitude. I definitely like some type two fun!

Please do check out my Talent Manager page (link below) where you can find a full list of my credits and download a copy of my most recent CV.


I am also a stills photographer with my own kit, so I am able to take press photographs.

Driving license - full, clean.
i-Visa for the USA valid until 2024.


Email -

 Tel: +44(0)754 5759 637

        +1 (604) 849 4421 

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